“The healing of the spirit has not been completed until openness to challenge becomes a way of life.” – M. Scott Peck

Welcome to the J.M. Davies’ Weblog. On this site you’ll find texts in English, Finnish, Spanish, French, Italian and Swedish. However, the main language is English (a mixture of American and British with a special Finnish flavor ;)).

My pen name is J.M. Davies. I am a CEO, writer, coach, and a yoga teacher, who reaches the divine when she dances. I’m also a Master of Arts (MAPolSc), mother and a soulmate wife. I believe in the transformative power of love, and I am dedicated to becoming an example of this transformation. A good sense of humour is essential in love. Therefore my motto is “lighten up to be enlightened“. Through our company Saturakkaus Inc. I help people not only to arrive where they are heading, as well as to be contented while doing it, and to reach for the stars so that they will continue to be satisfied also after reaching their goals. Right now I’m most passionate about helping people to live real fairytale lives that is a result of their own brilliant big  picture. For the time being all the company information is in Finnish but you can always read my blog Enjoying the Joy or my books to get inspired.

I aim to make a positive influence on society mainly through being present and loving. I wrote my Master’s Thesis on U.S. foreign policy rhetoric in relation to Cuba. I have written articles on gender issues, peace, conflicts, religion etc. for various magazines. In addition to these, I have been writing all kinds of literature as an Information Officer. Furthermore, I’m the author of Apsara’s Dance – an inspirational novel on living a soulful life while fulfilling one’s dreams as well as Lighten Up To Be Enlightened! – a self-help book for spiritual seekers. My latest book is a short story collection called Meal of Love. In addition to writing, I receive energy from reading, practicing and teaching yoga and dance, as well as playing with my daughter and husband. Check out my Author Page on Amazon to know more and to connect with me by replying to the discussions I have started.

I describe myself as a spiritual peace-builder who is curious about everything in life. I think that as one combines these features, one guards healthy moral values, at the same time as one takes into account the diversity of life and the beauty of grace. Through my writing I wish to bring all my favourite spiritual truths alive to the people of the 21st century. I believe that the Bible has many great teachings, such as the passage from Luke 10:27-28. However, at the same time I want to stay away from the judgmental mentality that reading the Bible and pursuing virtuous spiritual life can easily awaken.

Read more about me from the posts “My Profile”, “My Personality” and “Who am I?”.

One Response to “The Blog and Its Creator”

  1. cesar said

    Please excuse the simplicity and lack of depth of my first comment, as your writings deserve more thoughtful and profound reactions, but all I can think while reading you and looking at you is..

    Oh, yes…finally proven, angels do exist. Eurythmics sounding on the background..

    “There must be an angel,
    playing with my heart”

    “Sweet dreams are made of this..”

    Regards from Spain,


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